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  • *Note: All bookstore purchases are covered by the Regis Jesuit tuition for the 2022-23 school year. Prices will not be displayed

    Instructions to order your books:

    1. Do NOT Log in. Instead, enter the Regis Jesuit student ID Number BELOW and click 'View Your Materials.' This number can be found on your existing Student ID card or your Contact Card in My RJ in the General Information section.

    2. Your My RJ schedule has been integrated with the bookstore; therefore you will see a list of the materials for your assigned classes as selected by your teachers.

    MAKING A SCHEDULE CHANGE? Please WAIT and allow ONE FULL BUSINESS DAY after making your change before placing your order. This will allow the correct information to be displayed in the bookstore.

    3. You will be asked to provide a shipping address for physical items. At checkout you can use an existing BNC account, or set up a new account.

    4. When you check out, a student name will listed next to shipped items and an RJ email address will be associated with each electronic item. USE ONLY your RJ email address for this entry! Please be sure to select the UPS shipping option when you check out, unless shipping to a PO box.